You produce... Cleaning is Our job...

20 year old fund of knowledge and experiences about industrial machines and plating units, this is a foundation which is focussed on presenting the most economic, appropriate and correct solutions. It transfers ınformations and experiences which is constituted with esteemed institutions that we provide service both in domestic and abrad. Beside being a company producting machines, our customer-driven service firm works to poduce solutions needed by any segment. We will doubtlessly have a suggestion for you about ultrasonic washing, sensitive washing, pressurised system spray washing units and plating units.

About US

Plussonic is the leading producer and supplier of ultrasonic wash and tunnel type conveyored machines and it has been a trustworthy partner for more than 10 years. Our latest ultrasonic generators, metal components, extrusion molds, optical lenses, automotive parts, medical implants etc. Offer perfect cleaning and minimum wear for many parts.

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İ.O.S.B. ESKOOP Sanayi Sitesi C7- 2 Blok No 421-423 Başakşehir / İstanbul